Welcome to our farm Avondale, the home of Gloucester Meat Paddock to Plate. We, Theresa and Marshall Carter, have very proudly owned the property for the past 11 years. It is a joy and a privilege to share our property with our 7 children and their partners, our 13 grandchildren, and other family and friends - but now, we'd really love to share our property with you!

Our beef is not only free ranging and grass fed, but is also stress free, hormone free, antibiotic free, and chemical fertilizer free, which means a healthier you and happier cattle! We believe in the importance of providing the public with the right to know that the meat they're eating is not only being produced ethically but is also benefiting their health, not hindering it. Did you know that according to the Meat and Livestock Association, approximately 80% of all beef sold in Australian supermarkets have spent the last portion of their lives eating grains in feedlots to add unnatural bulk really quickly? Factory farming cattle is not only a profit making business, but is also considered an inhumane practice, as animals are denied the ability to roam free the way nature intended. Not only does this create stress for the animal, but the quality of the meat is significantly reduced which means someone is lining their pockets at the cost of your health.

Grass fed beef is lower in calories, richer in essential Omega-3 fats and higher in nutrients.

For the benefit of your health, do yourself a favour and buy one of our quality meat packs today!


Our meat is supplied to you in bulk packs so that you can take advantage of quality pasture-fed and stress-free beef without added hormones, antibiotics and chemical fertilizers at a reasonable price.
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Once our cattle have reached the recommended weight, they are sent to a local abattoir and then transported to our local butchery in Gloucester. They have a great reputation in the local area and always ensure our meat is cut to perfection.

Once the beef has arrived at our local butchery, it is aged for 28 days. Aging beef is an important process in ensuring it is tender enough for consumption. The beef is then put into Cryopak (a high quality vacuum packaging process) ready for delivery to you.


Avondale is 311 acres of rolling green hills and river flats situated on the Avon River, 250km north of Sydney in the Shire of Gloucester.

On our property, we have chosen to rear Angus and Angus crossbred cattle as this is a breed renowned for its consistently high quality meat. Angus beef has a great marbling texture which improves both the flavour and the tenderness of the meat.

Our cattle are free to roam the pastures along with their other friends on the farm - 2 horses, 2 ponies, 13 chickens and 9 geese. Scattered throughout our fourteen paddocks are 17 dams and where there is no access to these, the fresh water of Avon River is pumped into troughs for the cattle to enjoy.

We are very mindful of handling our cattle in the most stress-free and ethical way possible. Rotating them from paddock to paddock regularly ensures they always have good Kikuyu grass to graze on. There are absolutely no chemical fertilizers used on our pastures. At times, we slash our paddocks so that the organic matter can be reused to naturally enrich the pastures and soil.

We maintain very strict records of all cattle on our property, ensuring 100% traceability, so that you know exactly where your beef has come from.

Our beef is MSA (Meat Standards Australia) Graded. MSA is a quality grading system where a set of standards must be maintained from paddock to plate.

Our grassfed production methods have been certified under PCAS (Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System) via an on-site audit proving that our on-farm practices comply with the standards set out by PCAS.

We feel privileged to be turning the beautiful grounds of Gloucester into quality meat for you, the way nature intended.


Avondale benefits from our large family and our circle of friends. Everybody gets involved when there is cattle work to be done in the stockyards and the whole circus comes to town - our children, their partners and the grandchildren. All the kids (big and small) love being up here. Whether it's rounding up the cattle and moving them to fresh pastures, fixing fences, feeding chickens or horses, tending to the vegie garden, tinkering with pumps, there's always something to do, and we all benefit from the ongoing learning.

Our youngest son Andy was still at high school when we bought this property, and spent nearly every weekend up here. It wasn't long before he gave away surfing to pursue a passion for farming by attending Tocal Agricultural College in Pattison. Initially he worked on large scale properties and is now a Stock and Station Agent in Mudgee. His farming knowledge and skills have been exceptionally useful. Our eldest son Chris is a mechanic by trade and has recently moved with his family to Old Bar, a coastal town approximately an hour away from here. It is extremely convenient to have someone who can tinker with farm trucks, motorbikes, 4 wheelers and tractors, almost on our doorstep!

The family involvement doesn't stop there. The stud bulls that we have on the property were obtained via my cousin Ian Carter who owns Whiskey Hill Angus Stud.

Some of our friends like to come for a weekend away now and then; others come regularly and assist on the property in designing and building stables and chicken coops. Help is always appreciated.

However, it's not only all work and no play, the farm has provided the backdrop to our daughter Renee's wedding to Kenny, Andy's 21st, baby naming ceremonies, a family reunion, and who knows what else is to come! Time spent together at the farm is time that is cherished.


For a number of years as a teenager, I (Marshall) spent weekends with my father working on a property in the 1960s. A family friend owned an early biodynamic farm on Bell's Line of Road, Kurrajong Heights. In the 70s my uncle bought a farm in Berrima, Southern Highlands. I spent more weekends there with my father, learning about different cattle breeds, where my passion for beef production was ignited. Although I was born a city boy, I was part country at heart. It must run in the blood as many generations ago my father's side of the family owned farming property along the Manning River, Taree.

As an adult, I would still spend a weekend here or there at my uncle's farm, eventually taking my own children with me.

Theresa always knew how much I loved the farming lifestyle and supported my dream of one day owning a farm. My role in the banking industry eventually saw me traveling to small country towns, interacting with farming communities, and often Theresa would accompany me. I took the opportunity to learn more about their farms and lifestyles, showing interest in their practices. For a number of years before acquiring the property, we would visit farms for sale and get a general idea of what was available.

When we finally purchased the farm, we commuted back and forth every weekend from Sydney until we moved here permanently in 2012. We originally started backgrounding steers, where we would buy in small steers, fatten them up, and then sell them off to an abattoir in Wingham. We eventually changed production approximately 5-6 years ago when we started breeding our own Angus and Angus cross cattle. The first step with this was to purchase a stud bull from my cousin Ian. His Whiskey Hill bulls have high pedigree American bloodlines.

The quality of our herd has improved through the introduction of stud cows with Lawson and Hazeldean bloodlines (these are two of the oldest and most established bloodlines in Australia).

Very recently, I have retired from banking into my passion of beef production. Rather than produce our beef and sell it on to the abattoir, we are committed to building a supply chain where you are assured ethical production of beef right down the line, from our paddock to your plate. Our family is committed to serving you for many years to come.

When you plate up your Gloucester Meat beef, you can feel confident that what you're about to serve and eat has been produced and handled in a highly ethical and honest way.



Gloucester was first discovered and named in November 1826 by Robert Dawson. He had been sent out to explore the area as a representative for the Australian Agricultural Company, who had taken up a Government grant of 1,000,000 acres of land in the surrounding area. The township site was laid out by the Australian Agricultural Company in 1855. In 1866, the population of Gloucester stood at 30 people. Today, the Gloucester Shire covers an area of 3000 square kilometres with a population that stands at 5000 people.

Gloucester is a wonderful place to visit. Conveniently located just two and a half hours north of Sydney, it's easy to escape away from the city hustle and bustle for a peaceful weekend away. There is accommodation to suit everyone from farmstays to B&Bs, from self-contained cottages to campsites, come and see what Gloucester has to offer. Enjoy coffee and a bite to eat in one of Church Street's cafes. Sip a cold beer in the local pub. Browse through the fresh produce and homemade goods at the weekend farmer's markets. Take a walk through Barrington Tops National Park. Wander through the quaint little shops. Visit Tugwood Winery to restock your cellar. Or experience the country life at Trudgalong Farm.

There is something for everyone in Gloucester - come and be charmed!

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